About Susan McCord



Interview Host Susan McCord

Susan McCord is a Lifestyle/Entertainment/Interview Talk Show Host, Published Author, Dating & Relationship Coach, Blogger & Advice Columnist.  She attended BCIT in Burnaby, B.C. for studies in Broadcasting & is also a Certified Life Coach.

Susan writes regularly for Dear Sybersue’s Advice Column & is an Expert Writer for examiner.com, Niume.com and SWEXPERTS. She has over 300 uploaded videos online at sybersue.com & youtube.com/DearSybersue.  Susan has a great sense of humor & professionalism which she contributes to her weekly shows.

Interview Talk Show is Susan’s website dedicated solely to interviews with interesting people.  Please feel free to contact her if you would like to be a guest on the show!  She also has a Vancouver Dating/Relationship Advice show where Susan & her younger Co-host Andrea Wesley answer viewers questions with humor & a candid frankness that people need to hear sometimes.

Susan is refreshing and REAL which gives her popularity with all age groups, professions and both genders.  She is a mature woman with young attitude but the best thing of all ~ “She makes you stand out!” 

Her interviews are in a relaxed environment where Susan interacts with an addictive enthusiasm and without judgment.  Her guests feel comfortable & are able to open up without nervousness.

It is never a dull moment on the set with Susan and has been likened to having a glass of wine & catching up with an old friend.  Her sense of humor is contagious and there is a reason her nickname is Lucy ~ She is a modern day Lucille Ball!

Contact Susan anytime if you would like to be a guest, everyone has a story and she can get it out there for you!  



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