Talk Show Host Susan McCord’s Interview With Rebecca Rosenblat Sex @11 Rogers TV Toronto

Toronto Talk Show Host & Sex Therapist Rebecca Rosenblat, interviews Dating/relationship lifestyle host Susan McCord with regards to her expertise on men & women in the dating market today. What needs to change & how can we improve on the “gender connection.” We must stop stereotyping the opposite sex & sabotaging potential partnerships! Get off the computer & start talking to each other face to face.

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The Joy of Ex” Author Debbie Burgin Discusses Divorce ( It Can Be a Good Thing!)

Author & Divorce Coach Debbie Burgin discusses her book “The Joy of Ex” which is based on dealing with the trials & tribulations of divorce. She shares her expertise with talk show host Susan McCord on how to find yourself and start over with wonderful new beginnings on a different life path. Divorce can be a good thing!

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Dating Coach Interview for Men & Women

Dating Coach Mick Lolekonda from discusses the single market for both sexes. How to give up old patterns and become “your own matchmaker”. Learn how to remove the challenges that men & women endure and appreciate each other more. Learn how to find love and remove old dating patterns.

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